Antiques Market
of St. Petersburg

Author(s): V. Tolmatsky, V. Skurlov,
A. Ivanov.
Language: Russian
Year of publishing: 2008
ISBN: 978-5-87417-284-8
Format: 225 х 285 mm
Pages: 520
Pictures: near 600 color, black&white
Cover: hardcover
Run: 2000
Price including VAT 10% (delivery not included):: 2090 rubles

This is the first, perhaps almost universal book, revealing a new theme that was described only in several special publications. This serious research work, which is reminiscent of an idea of "encyclopedia" could also be used also as a textbook on the history of antiques in Russia. The author-compiler of the book, the historian of art Vladislav Tolmatsky, is a well known specialist thanks to his articles in magazine "Antikvarnoye Obozrenie" (The antique review) and his works on the history of St. Petersburg's antique market. Valentin Skurlov is a historian of jeweler art, an expert of Russian Federation Ministry of Culture, and a consultant at Christie's Auction. Alexander Ivanov is also an expert of Russian Federation Ministry of Culture, and an experienced author on Russian jeweler art.

A lot of different archival documents, memoirs, reviews, and periodicals were analyzed and some facts and documents were printed in this book for the first time. This book is richly illustrated, with a lot of good quality archival photos and materials, photographic reproductions of paintings and other samples of art that were on sale in St. Petersburg antique shops in different periods of time are depicted in edition in a good quality. This is not only an exciting story of the antique business in Russia with information about shops, galleries, auctions, lotteries, and owners of rarities but also a captivating narrative, full of adventures from the lives of collectors and histories of their items. Detailed description of a large number high quality antiques that were in sale in different periods but now are in unknown places adds special value to the book. We hope that this information will be useful to curators of museums and will help them in attributing art pieces.

The book consists of two big parts where material is organized chronologically. The first part describes antique market of St. Petersburg from the moment when it was organized in Russia until the October Revolution of 1917. The second part devoted to the soviet and post-soviet periods.

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