Carl Faberge and His Successors: Hardstone Figures - Russian Types

Author(s): T. Faberge, V. Iluhin,
V. Skurlov
Language: Russian
Year of publishing: 2009
ISBN: 978-5-87417-292-3
Format: 220 х 268 mm
Pages: 640
Pictures: about 2500, color
Cover: hardcover
Run: 2000
Price including VAT 10% (delivery not included):: 3025 rub.

This book is a result of many years of research, collecting documents and illustrations from a large group of people. There are some authors among them who died as early as in the beginning of 20th century. Several specialists lived and worked at the same time as Karl Faberge, but mostly all the authors (several dozen of them) are our contemporaries. They used the main ideas of the prominent jeweler Karl Faberge and developed them at the end of the 20th beginning of the 21st centuries. Their texts altogether form the biggest part of the book.

Small size art pieces of stone-cutting actually were not researched well by contemporary specialists. We decided to give to Russian stone carvers the chance to tell about their achievements and their work themselves. As a result we got some really interesting and important materials. They were written in very different styles and reflect the way of thinking of every participant of the project. We tried to not edit these texts, so as to allow readers to "hear" the personal "voices" of the authors. Indeed, this book could be considered as a collective monograph, collected of articles on the same theme - Faberge items as the source of creative work for other generations of artists. The autobiography of every specialist was illustrated according their own choice. There are near 2500 photographs in the book.

The author-compilers of the book tried to comment on these illustrations as fully as possible, but the lack of information is especially clear in the comments to Faberge works. Many of his hardstone figures are in private collections and the names of the collectors are not known. Some of these figures in different publications have different descriptions.

This book will be useful not only to specialists of the Russian jeweler's art but also to art historians and people who are interested in the art of Faberge in all parts of the World.

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